Dream Big

Dream Big

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Lessons Learned From the Life of Joseph is a study of the life of Joseph in Genesis. There are 10 chapters or lessons. 


Table of Contents


Chapter 1             Great Dreams Make for Great Destinies


Chapter 2             Dealing with Dashed Dreams and Disappointments


Chapter 3           Homework for the Prevention of Failing Families


Chapter 4             Joseph’s Triumph Over Temptation


Chapter 5             When Bad Things Happen to Good People


Chapter 6             Four High Qualities That God Honors


Chapter 7             The Sin of the Ten


Chapter 8             The Freedom of Forgiveness


Chapter 9             Joseph and the Mighty Hand of God


Chapter 10           A Foreshadow of the Savior


    Paperback book, 6 x 9, 10 chapters and lessons, 169 pages. 


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  • Simple and Practical

    Lessons Learned from the Life of Joseph is filled with Scriptural principles and life application truths for anyone and all ages. It is an enjoyable and easy to read study guide with practical discussion questions at the end of each lesson.